Usermanagement getting easier!

Usermanagement in our Licensebookingportal geeting easier!

Our latest version of provideNow, for providing licenses and booking various services, brings new features, improved user experience and bug fixes. What has changed and what is new, we would like to share and introduce to you immediately.

Whats new?

Usermanagement from the provideNow application
From now on we offer you the possibility directly from provideNow via the Microsoft portal to

  • create/revise/delete users
  • assign/remove licenses
  • assign/remove roles

Partial automation product management
Since Microsoft is constantly working on ist product and service range, new products are automatically offered in provideNow every month and old ones are replaced.

Our offer range of licenses and services is now constantly expanding with Microsoft perpetual licenses, SAP Apps for Business and services in the portfolio for direct booking in the provideNow application.

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