Technology Consulting for Large Corporations' Data Centers to be Expanded / Ad-hoc: Planning an Equity Acquisition

Acquisition of majority stake in Grandconsult DEXINA GmbH intended / Aims to further strengthen technology consulting for companies operating their own data centers / New large enterprise customer / SAP Cloud solutions, SAP HANA and virtualisation generating a growing demand for all-inclusive technology Consulting

Filderstadt, 20 March 2015 – All for One Steeb AG and DEXINA AG, Böblingen, have today reached an agreement about the key elements pertaining to All for One Steeb AG’s incremental acquisition of a 74.9% equity interest in the newly-established Grandconsult DEXINA GmbH, Filderstadt. Plans call for the share purchase agreement to be signed and implemented in the coming weeks, all of which depends mainly on obtaining approvals by the respective boards. The total purchase price for the majority interest is approximately EUR 2 million and is to be paid in cash. A minor part of which is a variable purchase price component to be paid as an earn-out, the amount of which depends on the occurrence of certain events within the next two years.

In order to implement the planned transaction, DEXINA AG will contribute its IT- / Technology Consulting activities, which generated a good EUR 6 million in sales revenues during the calendar year 2014, to the Grandconsult DEXINA GmbH before the shareholdings are acquired by All for One Steeb AG. After the share acquisition, All for One Steeb will transfer its Grandconsult Technology and Management Consulting operations to the Grandconsult DEXINA GmbH, so that at the conclusion of the implementation phase it will then hold 74.9% of the shareholdings in Grandconsult DEXINA GmbH. The planned share purchase agreement also includes a call and put option on the remaining shareholdings held by DEXINA AG.

SAP Cloud Solutions, the real-time database platform SAP HANA, and virtualisation in conjunction with conventional IT landscapes are crucial challenges, especially for large corporations that operate their own data centers. This is why there is such a demand for what are called »trusted advisors« who can provide an all-inclusive approach to consulting on such strategic technology issues as the design, virtualisation, flexibilisation and orchestration of specific reference architectures, effective ongoing support to IT operations through service level agreements and additional management and process consulting.

All for One Steeb AG – itself one of the leading private cloud providers for the operation of business software from within its data centers in Germany – uses its Grandconsult brand to advise the data centers of well-known large corporations and operates its own Joint Research & Development Lab at SAP in Waldorf together with such partners as NetApp, Cisco and VmWare. These are the kinds of technology skills and expertise that are also becoming important for transferring innovation to benefit small and mid-sized enterprises, which form All for One Steeb’s core market.