Paul Neumann Appointed to Company’s Supervisory Board / Change in Supervisory Board Completed

Board member of principal shareholder Unternehmens Invest AG takes seat on supervisory board / Change in All for One Steeb AG’s supervisory board completed as planned

Filderstadt, 14 November 2016 – All for One Steeb AG, a leading IT service provider and the number 1 in the German-speaking SAP market, has completed the previously announced change to its supervisory board as planned. Paul Neumann (31) was appointed to the supervisory board of All for One Steeb AG effective 11 November 2016. Neumann is a member of the management board and key shareholder of Unternehmens Invest AG, Vienna/Austria, as well as the managing director of UIAG Informatik-Holding GmbH, Vienna/Austria, itself a majority-controlled company of Unternehmens Invest AG. Neumann’s appointment means that the 6-person supervisory board of All for One Steeb AG is once again complete. Friedrich Roithner, the CFO of Pierer Industrie AG, Wels/Austria, stepped down early from the supervisory board effective 11 August 2016 after UIAG Informatik-Holding GmbH fully acquired the 25.07% share of All for One Steeb AG’s stock that had been held by Pierer Industrie AG.

»All for One Steeb has been making excellent progress over the years while investing heavily and specifically in future growth fields. UIAG supports this approach as an active industrial holding company, which is why I’m so very much looking forward to the work that awaits me in the supervisory board«, said Neumann. Josef Blazicek, chairman of the All for One Steeb AG supervisory board: »Enterprise software is being augmented from the cloud. IT is not only becoming a business innovator, it also serves as the starting point for digitalised enterprise processes and business models – something we’re increasingly seeing in traditional industries as well. We on the supervisory board also analyse digital transformation in detail and see very good opportunities for the continued successful development of the company«.

The supervisory board of All for One Steeb AG consists of six members, two of whom are employee representatives in accordance with the One-Third Participation Act (»Drittelmitbestimmungsgesetz«), and was most recently elected for a five-year term by the annual general meeting of 2013. For this reason, Neumann was similarly appointed until the annual general meeting that will decide about granting discharge to the supervisory board for the financial year 2016/17 that ends on 30 September 2017.