New work involves a large number of aspects - every company has a different perspective on new approaches to work. We help you define the aspects of new work that you consider relevant. These may range from organisation and culture to how you work and down to the digital workplace. We design a concrete target vision together with you and guide you through the process of implementing it.


Our team comprises organisation and transformation consultants, leadership coaches, process and workflow experts, digital workspace specialists, cyber-security consultants, Office 365 experts, cloud architects and developers. How we support you:

  • strategic new work consulting: developing a vision, a roadmap or a digital strategy · analysis and development of culture (leadership, innovation-driven culture)
  • consulting on organisation and transformation (agile organisation, change management)
  • developing and implementing collaboration concepts for your company
  • digital workplace: tool and technology consulting, implementation, training, support focused on Office 365 and Microsoft 365



What does "new work" mean at your company? Define it for yourself by joining us on a 5-day journey: we link together the different aspects of new work in a workshop and put together a framework - organisational, cultural and technological fields of action - that fits your company. For each field of action, we develop a prototype that can be rolled out quickly at your company. We describe the implementation roadmap and develop the instruments of communication that you need to start: from the management presentation to the video informing your employees.

What you obtain is not merely a shared vision. You gain concrete, implementable prototypes, a sound project plan and employees who motivated to make changes. Our results are tailor-made for your company, your business model and your company goals. How we work:

  • new work framework: we systematically examine new work from all aspects - organisational, cultural and technological
  • we develop the most important personas together with you (representative of the majority of your company) and determine the structure of needs
  • input and inspiration every day from external initiators, including at least 2 start-ups
  • development of haptic, digital or visual prototypes for design thinking (organisational chart, role playing, story board, paper prototypes, digital prototypes, etc.)
  • elaboration of intervention and actions for implementing the vision; a detailed project plan that can begin in one weeks' time
  • preparation and dry-runs for presentations and internal communications