Websession: Managing complexity, mastering restructuring

The current crisis management poses special challenges for the management. Get concrete recommendations for effective handling - and bring your experience directly to bear. The special: Discuss your personal use case with one of our experts in the following one-on-one session and take tangible solutions with you.
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  • 08.12.2020 17:00
  • 08.12.2020 18:15

See the forest for the trees again

The current economic crisis resulting from the rapid onset of the Corona pandemic is unique in the speed of its spread, its depth and its global scale. The effects of such fundamental crises become apparent over time - the downward spiral takes its course, starting with a slump in sales, followed by a loss of profits and liquidity bottlenecks.

It is only too understandable that such a scenario places a particular challenge on the responsible management: In addition to ongoing day-to-day business, new strategic concepts must be developed, the turnaround must be initiated and often a far-reaching restructuring must be carried out. Highly complex, simultaneously running requirements must be mastered, which often push the management to the limits of what is feasible.

Take a look at our speakers' experience-based theses to see how you can grasp existing complexity and translate it into growth. You can discuss this directly with the participants in the web session or use the personal one-on-one with one of the experts to discuss your specific application case.

The speakers:

Dr. Rainer Landwehr

Dr. Rainer Landwehr

Executive Advisory Partner at Allfoye, Investor and Advisory Board, former Vice President Nissan Europe and Chairman of the Board Goodyear Dunlop DACH. Expert in Strategy and Leadership.

Ueber uns_Portrait Thomas Fischer_558x314_komprimiert

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Founder & CEO of Allfoye Managementberatung, member of the management board of the All for One Group, Chairman of the Institute for Leadership & Transformation as well as start-up founder, coach and investor Expert for digitization in medium-sized businesses.