Websession: Effective digitalization of service processes

Experience live in our web session how to effectively bring new services into the virtual space and get the maximum value out of already digitized services. The special: In the subsequent one-on-one session, discuss your personal use case with one of our experts and take tangible solutions with you.
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  • 01.12.2020 17:00
  • 01.12.2020 18:15

From "digitization with a crowbar" to value-adding processes

The diesel scandal and the Corona pandemic overtook the middle class with unprecedented force - and once again intensified cost pressure and the need for quick solutions. From one day to the next, a functioning digital infrastructure became an indispensable component of crisis management.

Suddenly, new digital services emerged with enormous innovative power, often with a great deal of improvisation and in a very short time. How sustainable are these projects, are the crucial interfaces harmonized with each other?

Other promising ideas are in the implementation process. Here, the question often arises as to how silos can be overcome and how the released willingness to change can be used to implement new digitization projects effectively and holistically.

Learn from our speakers at a live selected Service Use Case, how your digitization project succeeds on the basis of 6 building blocks. You can discuss these with the participants directly or use the One-on-One with one of the experts afterwards.

The speakers:

Udo Witte

Udo Witte

COO at Aalberts Material Technology Group & Executive Advisory Partner at Allfoye. Active for 20 years in executive positions around process development and corporate structures, including CIO at Cleanaway Group and CFO at United Energy Group Plc.

Ueber uns_Portrait Thomas Fischer_558x314_komprimiert

Dr. Thomas M. Fischer

Founder & CEO of Allfoye Managementberatung, member of the management board of the All for One Group, Chairman of the Institute for Leadership & Transformation as well as start-up founder, coach and investor Expert for digitization in medium-sized businesses.