Start effective digital sales quickly

The interactive online event on September 24!

In 90 minutes you will learn how consumer behavior changes sales and how artificial intelligence can create added value - including concrete impulses for effective digital sales.
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  • 24.09.2020 17:00
  • 24.09.2020 18:30

Digital distribution: Dovetailing technology and people.

Current studies paint a clear picture of the future: The Corona Pandemic will change consumer behavior in the long term. The effects of the pandemic will affect product ranges and supply chains, but also the internal organization and structure of retailers and service providers. But what are the long-term consequences and what do companies have to prepare for? At the same time, the corona pandemic has shown us how important digital distribution channels and options are for crisis-resistant sales.

What many people don't know: One of the most promising areas of application for artificial intelligence (AI) is sales - an area that already has access to a wealth of data through CRM systems, but which is also particularly suitable for systematic data acquisition and analysis through regular interaction with the customer.

Take concrete insights from this online event into the possibilities of digital sales and collect impulses for the effective interlocking of people and technology.