Digital Leadership and Agile Mindset

The websession on March 09!

Learn more about new approaches to digital leadership, how they go hand in hand with an agile mindset and how you can benefit from them in your everyday life. Exchange ideas and take away concrete practical recommendations right away.
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  • 09.07.2021 11:00
  • 09.07.2021 11:45

The new era of leadership

The pandemic has significantly accelerated the shift towards more virtual collaboration. In this age, new challenges arise, such as dealing with applications that update daily and new customer requirements that are to be implemented in record time and under more difficult, since digital, conditions. Staying on the ball quickly becomes a daily task.

How do managers in this environment manage to see the "forest for the trees" again and actively shape change despite a heavy workload? How do they also succeed remotely in motivating employees with the most diverse needs?

Get a roadmap for optimizing your digital leadership, take away what an agile mindset has to do with it and get your change of perspective by sharing experiences with other participants.