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In July 2019, HQW Precision GmbH took over the British company The Barden Corporate Ltd with 400 employees from the Schaeffler Group / Separation of IT from Schaeffler IT necessary / Transparent IT operating costs as a central factor / All for One convinced the selection of service providers with SAP and Microsoft expertise and cloud first strategy

Filderstadt, March 02, 2020 - In July 2019, the German HQW Precision GmbH took over The Barden Corporation (UK) Ltd. (Barden UK) with 400 employees from the Schaeffler Group.

IT was a long questionable aspect in the takeover decision. The question for HQW was: Can IT for Barden UK be smoothly separated from Schaeffler IT so that uninterrupted business continuity at Barden is guaranteed? And how high are the current IT costs to be estimated?

SAP on Azure and Cloud Services

In the search for an IT and consulting service provider, the All for One Group convinced with SAP and Microsoft expertise and a cloud first strategy that enables transparent IT costing. The contractually agreed services of All for One include the carve-out of the SAP client of Barden UK, the transfer of SAP to an Azure Cloud environment, the reconstruction and migration of the Microsoft 365 Collaboration environment and the assurance of uninterrupted IT operations as a service ("Managed Service").

Predictable, transparent IT costs

The cloud first strategy is crucial for HQW, as it makes IT costs predictable. In future, the two most important business IT systems will come from the cloud: the SAP system will run on a cloud platform (Microsoft Azure), and Microsoft services will also be obtained in the cloud model (Microsoft 365). Typically, fixed monthly costs are incurred here. This also applies to the managed services of All for One: It takes over important components of IT operations at monthly flat rates and thus also relieves the internal IT team.

Good news for 400 employees

"With its expertise in the two central IT systems SAP and Microsoft, its cloud know-how and the monthly cost model, the All for One Group was able to convince and thus contributed significantly to HQW's purchase decision - which is good news not least for the 400 employees in Plymouth," said Ferdinand Wiedmann, authorized signatory of HQW Precision GmbH.

"This is a very special project for us," said Markus Götz, who led the contract negotiations on the All for One side. "It was not only about the technical feasibility and commercial presentation, but specifically about 400 jobs at Barden UK. We are glad that we could contribute our part with our expertise to ensure that these jobs are maintained".